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CROW POSE - Step-by-step tutorial for beginners

Master your crow pose (bakasana), with this step-by-step tutorial. We will look at the correct alignment, and I will show you some tips, tricks, and modifications. If you can't hold your Crow Pose yet, or if you're scared of falling and that's what is holding you back, this is the right tutorial for you. You will get a feeling for the correct hand placement, how to shift your weight, and how to engage your core. But most importantly, it's fun.

Watch my step-by-step video tutorial and follow along.

Holding the crow pose (bakasana) requires full body awareness and a still mind. It is like learning to walk when you are a baby. Finding your balance requires all the tiny muscles in your body to work together. And don't be scared of falling. The floor is only a few centimetres away, and you can use two blocks or put a pillow in front of you. I will help you not only to master this pose but to make it even more robust, building the fundamentals for all other arm balances.

Let go of your expectations about what should happen and simply enjoy life as it is.

Tip #1 - The correct hand placement

Place your hands directly under your shoulders and spread your fingers wide. Make sure your index and middle finger are facing forward. Play around with the hand placement to find what feels good in your body.

As you move forward to enter the pose, shift your weight into the place between your index finger and your thumb.

Tip #2 - Turn your elbows in

Turn your elbows in so the soft part faces forward and not to the side. Make this a habit, as this is fundamental for all arm balances, including planks and handstands.

"When you learn how to properly distribute your weight throughout the hands, the balance will take on a new feeling of lightness. " – Jeffrey Posner

Now, we are coming closer to the scary part, and the fear of falling kicks in. But don't worry. Just put a block in front of you. Remove the block only if you feel very comfortable in the pose, and remember, the floor is only a few centimetres away. The posture is not dangerous. It's all in your mind.

Tip #4 - How to hold the pose

The secret of holding this pose is whole-body awareness. Your weight is at your fingertips, your core is engaged, you are actively pressing the floor away from you, rounding through the upper back, and your gaze is forward.

Tip #5 - Practice, practice, practice

Practice every day and try to hold a little bit longer each time. It's super important to concentrate on the right alignment from the gecko. I am preparing a five-week practice to help you nail this pose. Follow this post so you get notified when the next tutorial is out.

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