A one to one yoga class is an ideal way to get the personal attention you need. We can help you deepen your practice, release stress, work with back pain or release muscle tightness. All teachers at BrightonYoga work holistically and follow the teaching of effortless movement.

Your Body

Finding out about you, your physical body, and your goals is vital, so we can focus on your individual needs and help you get the most out of your practice.

Your Needs

The Teacher will understand your anatomy and postural habits and find the best way into establishing new flow and movement in a balanced and effortless way.

Your  Goals

While yoga's overall goal is to create harmony in body and mind, it can improve flexibility and strength, ease stress and anxiety levels, or reduce back pain. 

Please contact the teacher directly for a one to one yoga class! The prices are £30 for one class or £250 for a block of 10.


Scaravelly inspired Hatha Yoga

Emma creates a joyful and familiar atmosphere. She works with effortless movements and breath to restore a natural and fluent range of motion, allowing one to flow with ease into each asana. She pairs this with restorative breathing techniques to build a genuinely healing experience.


Scaravelly, Yin, Vinyasa flow

Xenia has a playful and refreshing approach. She loves to work with blocks, walls, and other yoga probs to lengthen the body, get deep into fascia, and release tight muscles. She adds Q-Gong inspired movements to create new energy and ease in body and mind.


Vajrasati, Yin, Yoga for Stress

Tammy is warm and welcoming. Her yoga class is a truly spiritual experience. Her teachings are founded in traditional yoga and Buddhist philosophy, exploring the body through posture and pranayama (energy flow through breath).  Her approach is for every-Body. She specialises in yoga for stress!

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