Brightonyoga organises wellness activities like Hiking, Yoga and Forest Bathing in Brighton's local nature reserves and the South Downs as well as regular outdoor yoga classes in Brighton.

Enjoy the Summer


Our trips are a mix of panoramas, wellness, nature and fun. You will find yourself surrounded by fantastic views and in a friendly and open atmosphere that allows you to let go.

Enjoy yoga, meet new people, be outdoors, come along

Meet the Team

About Brighton Yoga teacher xenia


Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Scaravelli, Ariel, Meridien Yoga and Hiking Leader

Hi, I am Xenia. I am the founder of BY. I came to Brighton in 2011 and loved it straight away. Since then, I have trained in several yoga styles and follow a playful approach to help people being more balanced and healthy throughout their lives. I am also a hiking and event instructor and spend most of my time in Brighton's countryside.

About Brighton yoga teacher kirsty


Flow, Hatha, Yin, Meditation, SUP Yoga, and Paddleboard Instructor

Kirsty fell in love with Yoga at the Glastonbury festival when she was 18. She was surprised how amazing she felt, light but grounded, and whole. After that, she did several teacher training courses in India and a Yin and SUP yoga training in the UK. Kirsty loves nature, healthy living, adventure, fun and the sea.

About Brighton Yoga teacher Emma


Scaravelli inspired Hatha Yoga, Womb Yoga

Emma has been practising yoga, meditation and breathwork since she was 17, all which have had a profound impact on her life. Her teachings are nourishing and revitalising, allowing the opening and energising of the whole body. She pairs this with restorative breathing to create a genuinely connecting and healing experience.

lisa portrait.jpg


Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Mindfulfness, Yoga Therapy

Lisa spent a large chunk of her twenties living in Asia, where she learnt meditation in Buddhist temples. After an intensive retreat, she felt the need to bring mindful movement into her practice so her teaching grew in a traditional way. Outside of yoga, she spends her time exploring the South Downs and making Mokapot coffee.