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Enjoy yoga, meet new people, be outdoors, come along

Brighton Yoga organises outdoor yoga classes and wellness events for individuals, groups and teams. In addition, we also offer wellness days that encompass nature connection, foraging, wildcraft, and forest bathing experiences. Some of these events even include camping and BBQ sessions for extra adventure and relaxation. Are you ready to experience the magic? Join us and discover more about our upcoming events and classes. Your path to wellness and nature begins here.

A Journey Born of Love for Wellness and Nature

Xenia BrightonYoga profile

Hello, my name is Xenia, and I'm the heart and soul behind Brighton Yoga.


My journey as a yoga teacher and a lover of the great outdoors led me to combine these passions into an experience that celebrates wellness, nature, and the simple joy of life.

The BrightonYoga Philosophy


Wellness and Fun

Our philosophy at Brighton Yoga is simple and yet profound: "Practice yoga, get outdoors, meet new people, and have a good time."


Embrace the Outdoors

We believe in the transformative power of yoga and the restorative energy of the natural world. But we don't stop at that; our focus is on fostering a sense of wellbeing, connecting with the environment, and ensuring that every experience is a joyful one.


Welcoming and Inclusive

One of the core tenets of Brighton Yoga is that yoga is for everyone. It's not a strict or rigid practice, but an inclusive, playfull and welcoming one.

Team and Partners

BrightonYoga works with independent yoga and hiking instructors, artists, therapists and other freelancers to create a beautiful experience for you.


Yoga, Hiking, Forest Bathing, Nature Connection

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-06 at 17.09.57.jpg

Yoga, Hiking, Prenatal Yoga

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-09 at 16.22.06.jpeg

Nature expert, forager, butterfly, wildflowers and bird watching

BrightonYoga freelancer Angelina Visualart.jpeg

Creative mind, Web Designer, Social Media


Yoga, Meditation, Nature Connection

outdoor yoga brighton Cassandra.jpg

Hatha, Vinyasa, Nidra, Nature Connection


Pilates, pre and post Natal trained


Yoga Flow, Sup Yoga, Surfing Instructor

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